Cheap Beets- Lazy make ahead!



WOW!!! I am feeling the Love from my last post!!

I will get back to you individually, as best I can in the next days! But thanks SO much! xoxo

Now for the beets, as promised!

I don’t know about all of you but to say beets were not my favorite when I was a kid, is a gross understatement…but as an adult I am in Love! Even before the beet craze started, I would find any way I could to incorporate this yummy root veg into my weekly repertoire. I mostly use them in salads, but I also love them roasted like a carrot or spud! Soooooooo when a bag of beets is at my local grocer for a few bucks, at this time of year, I scream “Halleluiah sister” (in my head, in case two big men in white jumpsuits want to take me away!)

So what do we do with this monstrosity of beets! Oh my Oh my!! First thing you need is a great little veggie brush. My sister-in-law, Jane, recommended my favorite. They come in a pack of 10 from Lee Valley and they are called nailbrushes. (Yes I have one in the bathroom for after gardening too) But I always have them under the kitchen sink! I throw the brush in the dishwasher once I’m done and it looks like new for the next time! NOW….

  1. Empty your bag of beets into the largest pan they fit into. Now that you know how many fit, empty the pan of beets into a clean sink.
  2. Take out a cutting board and a large weighty knife.
  3. Put a very long piece of foil on the bottom of your pan one way and another the other way, so that there is enough foil to tightly seal the beets when you are ready to put them into the oven.
  4. Set the oven to 400’F
  5. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and lightly scrub the skin to remove dirt and impurities. Cut the ends off each beet and place them into the foil-lined pan. (Note: if some of the beets are really big I cut them in half so the size is a little more consistent and place large beets closer to the outside of the pan and smaller to the inside) Wrap them up tight once you are all done. Place the pan into your preheated oven for 1 hour. Once they come out of the oven, leave them covered, let them cool naturally for 2-8 hours.


Now that you have done, what I call, the hard work…you have choices. When you are ready to freeze them, you can toss them with the skin into freezer bags if you don’t have the time to cut them right away ooooor…. remove the skin with a paper towel or paring knife if the skin is too stubborn-then cut them into desired salad cubes or leave them whole so you can choose what you are making with them at the time!

For a quick calculation it cost me $4.97 took me 30 minutes to scrub, waited one hour for them to bake, while I showered, cleaned up and got ready for work, then went to work for 8 hours while they lay resting on the stove. Came home poured a glass of red, but on a sappy Christmas movie and before I knew it, I was set for salads and roasting for months. Now that’s what I call good time and money management all at the same time! Hope you love your beets!! xoxoxo

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