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The Interns Tell All


Learn what Trish and I really think about Sandi and our internship journey!!

The Vegan aka Sara Santarossa

As a child, when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”…many little girls may say…A princess!! A dolphin trainer!! A movie star!!… NOT ME. My 10 year old self would have told you “a host of my own cooking show!!” (OR “a bug doctor!!”, depending on the day…10 year olds can be unpredictable). ANYWAYS, as a 10 year old I was pretty well established in the kitchen – I had transformed my 7 year old brother into my sous chef and was forcing my delicious creations (what my mother called concoctions) onto my family at dinner time…you may think this sounds bossy…let’s call it being assertive!

SO obviously, hearing that I would be getting to work with Sandi made me feel very excited and kind of like my life was coming full circle!

However, this was not without some reservations…

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