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8 Tips for Parents to Conquer Back To School


8 Tips for Parents to Conquer Back to School

I want to share with you an article I wrote for Huff Post recently! Many of the tips will bring calm to the crazy days of back to school! 

Look no further than your local grocery store and all the signs (literally) point to “Back To School”. The teardrop in a parent’s eye, knowing the warm weather is about to end, is suddenly replaced with another emotion…Panic!! 

“I need school supplies… lists… lunch materials…I need to purge kid’s clothing…out with shorts and in with pants or leggings!”

While this time of year can be overwhelming, North America’s favourite family dinner expert and International best selling author, Sandi Richard, has expert tips on how she managed back to school with her seven (yup, that’s correct) kids! Her advice to parents is simple. You are in the driver’s seat and if you commandeer a few little tricks — you’ve got this!

1. Get organized!

If you want to be more organized allow your kids to do the same by giving them a task or two they can own. This not only frees up a parent’s time for other things, but also, and more importantly, opens up the opportunity for positive reinforcement within the family. “High five,” “Great job,” — words of affirmation mean kids thrive! When kids thrive, the house is calmer, when the house is calmer even the hardest tasks seem much easier to handle. Do you see where I’m going with all this?  Continue reading 8 Tips for Parents to Conquer Back To School

The Interns Tell All


Learn what Trish and I really think about Sandi and our internship journey!!

The Vegan aka Sara Santarossa

As a child, when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”…many little girls may say…A princess!! A dolphin trainer!! A movie star!!… NOT ME. My 10 year old self would have told you “a host of my own cooking show!!” (OR “a bug doctor!!”, depending on the day…10 year olds can be unpredictable). ANYWAYS, as a 10 year old I was pretty well established in the kitchen – I had transformed my 7 year old brother into my sous chef and was forcing my delicious creations (what my mother called concoctions) onto my family at dinner time…you may think this sounds bossy…let’s call it being assertive!

SO obviously, hearing that I would be getting to work with Sandi made me feel very excited and kind of like my life was coming full circle!

However, this was not without some reservations…

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