Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget – Part 5


HOW TO BEST UTILIZE WEEKLY SPECIALS - Part 5 of 5 in series – Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget

Sooooo, here we are on part 5, but first… a quick recap last week’s CityLine show and my blog series Eating Like a King On A Shoestring Budget. Click for Part 1

My next series will include you on a little journey I‘m about to dive into! Moving from a 3000 sq ft home to a 580 sq ft home! Sometimes I walk into the space and wonder, “Where on earth will I put everything?” I will share my thoughts, frustrations, grocery bills, food storage solutions… you name it! It’s all in a pursuit to understand and embrace the concept “Living with Less”!

Grocery Receipts

For those who understand and are feeling the time saving benefits of Part 2 in the series… Eat Sheet™ vs Grocery List…waaaaay to go! More time for shoe shopping, bike riding or whatever makes you happy! Remember five little lines will not only save you a bundle, but also save your sanity in the meantime!

I’ve included a snapshot of my own personal grocery bills this past week and I’m going to do more of that! I want to be completely transparent about where I shop and why…. aaaaand how much I really do spend on groceries! A family of four adults or 2 adults with 2-3 kids can be fed beautifully on about $60 bucks a week – as long as you’re shopping from your Freezer First! (Part 3 in the series) Hopefully I have proven that!

Part 4 in the series is all about understanding and being at peace with the fact that your pantry is your pantry and no one can tell you how to store it but you! I did give you a pic of my common favorites – but the bottom line (literally) is that you need to create Money-Space on your shopping trips so that you can take advantage of just a couple of your Pantry Must-Haves for quick and easy meals!

And now the finale – Part 5 – How To Best Utilize Weekly Specials!

I am a huge advocate of not having to hop all over the place for your grocery deals! I believe most parents undervalue their time just to save 25 cents here and there. Often fuel is also not included in the calculation…and at today’s gas prices…it definitely needs to be factored in! Exception to the rule…If you are driving by a store…that’s different!

Soooo how do you utilize your money-spacewith the most efficiency?

Get the free app for your phone called Flipp.

I can’t say enough about this little time saver! See it as your carry all device to create more grocery Money-Space™!

Once you load it and use it a few times you will be hooked! My sister introduced me to this wonderful little source of savings and I am always amazed how it streamlines my grocery shopping life! For example: This week No Frills has 1kg Kraft peanut butter on for $3.97 and Ziploc bags on for $2.47 (side note…If you have not tried the new Ziploc brand Easy Open Tab yet…Heeeeelllllo! – it’s time to try them!)

I happen to drive right by on my way to an appointment this week! It doesn’t cost me any extra in gas and I have more Money-Space for my grocery budget for about 5 minutes of my time!

Superstore has Blue Menu boneless skinless chicken breasts on for $10 a kg and chicken legs, back attached, for about 4 bucks a kg. On my way to our son’s place tomorrow…yup..I’m popping in! The trick is don’t get distracted! It feels amaaazing to walk in, grab and leave!

Now for the uncomfortable part! Fresh does not cost more… IF YOU ARE USING AN EAT SHEET! (I’m not yelling just stressing my point LOL)

I keep reading and hearing that fresh costs so much more! If you are behind me at the till, you will find lots of fruit and veggies, meat, and helpers. (…and yaaaa…Ok… even some junk food from time to time and the odd cheater meal like a well priced frozen pizza for movie night! Pizza and popcorn! I’m smiling…I admit it!) If you open a flyer on Flipp you will notice the front of the flyer often has fresh veggies and fruit! I buy those!

The problem isn’t the price, the problem is us! We aren’t equipped with a proper map and Eat Sheet™, so fresh looks expensive!

When I was on Cityline last Tracy mentioned that sometimes citrus can be really expensive! She is sooo right! That’s why you as a shopper (the one in charge, the consumer) have to be open and ready to accept when your family can and when they cannot put a particular fruit or veggie into a week! On my Eat Sheet™ I will often say pork loin, rice and veggie. It’s because I’m open to what the veggie might be depending on what the sale items are at the time!

My son,  was over for dinner just yesterday and I threw together leftovers for lunch for both him and our daughter-in-law! I asked if they wanted a mandarin and he said…”Oh I love those, but they’re so expensive!” My reply…around $3.50 a crate! That’s a whole lot of lunch fruit for less than 25 cents a day!

I really do want you all to save time and money. It’s far past a job or a career for me. It’s a passion, a mission! (whichever makes you feel comfortable) All I know is that everyone can do it! We really can eat like a king and we really don’t need to pay a fortune to do it!

I really pray that you’ve enjoyed the series along with the recipes! I can’t wait to start my next series Living with Less.  xox

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