Do written goals really work? I mean really?


As I return from my long social media sabbatical, I would like to kick off my first blog with a non food topic! Do Written Goals Really Work?

Just so you know… taking a break from social media came with a plethura of feelings… scary, crazy, inconsiderate, out of sorts, kind to self, to name just a few!!! As I return I’ve decided to keep things simple and stick mostly to Facebook and Instagram! I feel like Facebook is a very personal platform and I relate more to that  than feeling like I’m running in a race , no one really watches to get to the never ending finish line that does’t really exist or matter!

Soooooo with all that said let me get to the topic “Do written goals really work?” In the last 15 months my work and personal life were filled to the MAX-no room to spare! I have been helping companies shift their thinking in a positive way in the pursuit of helping families on the go!  I want companies to really help them…not just for their own financial gain and yes… there really are companies out there that want that too! I am opening my first retail outlet within the next months-that’s exciting! This, of course, comes with a whole wheelbarrow full of organization, planning, permits, construction and design  planning you name it! (exciting but crazy) And then on the personal front (and business front) I have taken on a Tiny house project with my husband Ron.  This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever done personally, but man talk about taking a good look at yourself, your needs and your family’s needs!  Sounds like a lot going on right?  Well… I have always advocated that if you really want to manage your work and home life you need to have written goals and you need to have an annual updated vision board. Every year come rain or shine, I take the time to look at my goals, write them down, pull my vision board out of the frame, recreate my new one and voila…my year is set! I read those goals every day and stare at the visual reminders on my vision board as I enjoy my first cup of coffee.  It always makes me feel like my compass is set on the right course! But with my busyness in the last 15 months-for the first time in years, I did’t create my new vision board or write down and reset my goals!  Although I have been accomplishing my deadlines and enjoying my projects, I kept feeling off…so about one week ago I proclaimed to the office that I would be scheduling a day to focus on my written goals as well as my vision board! That day is today, June 1st!

Let me change gears for a minute and you will understand why as you keep reading! Every year on Ron’s goal sheet…one line reads…Sandi’s office overlooks water! As my business partner, Ron knows how much creative energy I expend each day! He also knows how much I love water and how it seems to open up my brain for creativity! (Smart Business partner to put that on his list right?) Well… last night I arrived home to my tiny house project. Our amazing carpenter Aaron D’eon, who specializes in tiny house carpentry, had completed my desk. It folds down from a shelving unit that houses all my files. The shaker detail on the outside drops down to become legs when I need my desk! When flipped up it hides my workload for the day so that I can relax!  It’s not quite finished…I’ll send pictures along when it is! As I sat down at my new desk to get all my paperwork done, happy that I no longer had to do all my work at the kitchen island or sofa, I looked up! My desk has a direct line of site to the living room window which overlooks water!!!

Office overlooks water

My eyes began to tear up, while I sat stunned and amazed! You see the desk is in a different room. It never even dawned on me that I would have this advantage! It was like God was saying…seeeeeee…that’s why you need to put your goals on paper and get your vision board done! Like the old joke about the guy who keeps asking God to help him win the lottery. God finally replies…”but you never buy a ticket”!!

Soooo …as I enter back into the world of social media…loving Facebook for all the right reasons (connecting with all of you)… Today, I do so with my vision board hanging proudly by my desk, with my written goals on the back page of my agenda book! It is so inspirational to know that in the crazy, busy world in which we live…when we take a minute to concentrate on what’s important…we really are all connected to the greater world and hopefully the greater good! We’re not alone…someone is quietly  listening! Pretty frikin amazing isn’t it!

One thought on “Do written goals really work? I mean really?

  1. Hi Sandi, you’ve been popping into my head recently as I’ve been helping my grown up son re fixing his dinner in his new home. You were such an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many. Don’t ever forget that legacy, you’ve helped literally thousands of people make dinner about family. Thank you from a fan in Australia

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