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Sponsored books as low as $2 per book + shipping!

How many generations of family dinners could you influence by providing the right tools to a group of people who would never otherwise be influenced in this way? Our books are all about making it easier to get to the dinner table. Incorporating Sandi’s simple step by step proven system into your life will dramatically reduce your stress, improve your health and pocketbook as well as your entire family’s dinner experience!

Offer this gift to any organization, school or group of our useable, practical, proven resources to help kids and adults, cooks and budding cooks find success, become involved and be inspired in the kitchen.

Our first ever public book offer at cost and below cost! Over 500,000 of our books are in people’s homes. With your help we would like to influence thousands more families.


20 books $5 per book (minimum order)

40-80 books $4 per book,

100-180 books $3.25 per book,

200-480 books $3 per book,

1280 books $2 per book

(order in multiples of 20 for any title, Eating Forward, Healthy Family, Dinner Fix, Dinner Survival)

This offer is open to corporations and government agencies, as well as private and public organizations.


Contact: orders@


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