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See you! Calgary March 15

Calgary – Foothills Alliance Church – March 15, 2015 – Open to Public

I think my favourite part about speaking to Moms (and Dad’s…the ones who can brave all that estrogen!) is having the ability to share my imperfections – and to know for a brief period of time… there is complete synchronicity!! There’s no competition, no one is trying to one up one another!  Quite the opposite!  Everyone knows how tough it is to get dinner on the table, during the most chaotic time of the day! They relate to my own personal story as well–and how I too, at one point, was the self proclaimed Chicken-Finger Queen! We keep hearing in the media that we should be eating together as a family each night—yet it seemed when I was struggling with this topic as a young parent, the solutions were all lip-service!  They weren’t attainable by me and quite frankly they drove a generation of moms to lie about the struggles they were really having! We need real solutions, with real food that our families will actually eat!  We need real methods to have people work effortlessly together (and noooo…I won’t be telling you a 2 year old should be stirring the dinner with you, LOL…paaaleeeease!!!)

I prove to parents that the old fashioned grocery list no longer works in our parenting world today—and I show them how to do it so that they never have to repeat “the meal planning chore” over and over again! Because after all, that’s what parents really need these days…TIME!!! We all know and we all want to eat together as a family, to connect, to share…but only after you know how to pull this task off in today’s world effortlessly is it even conceivable that they will actually land at the dinner table as a family! For two hours, we learn, we connect, we laugh, win prizes and even have a cook-off! The most fun part about these events is knowing that after I leave, my email will be buzzing for weeks-to- come with stories of triumph! The personal connections? Unbelievable!

Calgary – Foothills Alliance Church, 7 -9 pm Sunday, March 15, 2015. Sign-up link.