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Eating Like a King On A Shoestring Budget – Part 4


PANTRY TALK    –    Part 4 of 5 in series    –    Click for Part 1

I know… I know… I don’t usually partake in the pantry talk…because of course I want you to plan your week! If you plan your week it means you’re not stuffing your pantry with all kinds of stuff you don’t yet need! True…buuuut…(there’s always a but…only this time it’s a legitimate one!)Pantry Items

If you read Part 3 of Eating Like a King On A Shoestring Budget I strongly advise grocery shopping from your freezer first (but only if you like eating like a king and saving swacks of money!) The reason for this, I explain, is it then frees up money-space for the sale items that aren’t on your Eat Sheet™! This way you never pay full price for meat EVER! You must read that blog if you haven’t! (but skip it if wasting money and throwing away freezer burned meat from 1967 is fun for you!) Ok Ok, I’ll drop the freezer thing! Back to the pantry!

First I’d like to tell you why I’m not a fan of overstocking the pantry and therefore don’t usually recommend it! Continue reading Eating Like a King On A Shoestring Budget – Part 4

Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget – Part 3


FREEZER SHOPPING FIRST  –  Part 3 of 5 in series  –  Click for Part 1

Soooooo…You have printed your Eat Sheet™ off CityLine’s site or our site under the Grocery List tab – then clicked Blank Eat Sheet™! You’ve done that right??? Remember my phrase…Ideas Inspire – but Doing Transforms!!!

So, if you really, really want to completely change the way you feel about dinner-making and completely chop down your grocery costs…Print out an Eat Sheet™!

Now…I want you to take that Eat Sheet™ and go to your freezer. What’s in there? A freezer-burned hunk of meat? (from 1967 as Tracy said on her show LOL, she is sooo funny!) Is there a box of something premade? Is there a pack of chicken breasts? All freezer sizes are different and all budgets are different so each freezer will be quite individual!

Freezer Sandi 2

As a professional Meal Planner working with families, here is what I see all the time! I go into a family’s home, the parents are stressed out about food costs and the cooking process, I open up their freezer and it’s stuffed full of all sorts of recognizable as well as unrecognizable items! When I tell them they are sitting on a goldmine of food they say things like, “But to look in there is so overwhelming.” I say, “Only if you’re not working with an Eat Sheet™”! When I have worked with some of the most stubborn, nonbelieving parents in the past, they would fall over when I said I would save them their entire cost of my meal-planning fee in three months! (…and if I couldn’t I would give them back the difference) I would have a biiiig smile on my face when I hit an overstuffed deep freeze…because I knew I would likely save them my fee in about 6 weeks flat!

The fact is…if you start your next three Eat Sheets™ FREEZER FIRST – you will never again pay full price for the most expensive items on your list – meat! This can literally cut each of your grocery bills in half! Continue reading Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget – Part 3